Posted by: dundeechest | January 5, 2010

Cancer Dundee – the place to ask questions and learn more

Welcome to Cancer Dundee.

Welcome to this website and blog aiming to widen cancer education for undergraduate medical students, and all those with an interest in Oncology, based from Ninewells Hospital, Dundee. All contributions are welcome.

Using the tabs above navigate through a wealth of Oncology presentations (“Resources”), topical news articles, student timetables, and use this blog to leave any burning Oncology questions. Click on words highlighted in red to read / see more.

There are also tutorials aimed at Registrars in Oncology, listed under Resources, plus useful ward guides for junior doctors. Please fell free to leave queries.

Student prizes also on offer – see blogroll and resources – 4 prizes between £200 and £600 and 10 bursaries!!!

Keep the questions coming!


  1. Gefitinib fist line for EGFR positive NSCLC, I see in the news today…

    We’ll be taking more biopsies, then?

  2. See post under “Oncology in the Media” – perhaps approved by NICE but not by SMC. The dilemma of cost efficiency vs clinical efficacy!

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