Posted by: Florence | November 22, 2011

Wise words from another Prof

    Professor F Carey, Professor of Histopathology in Ninewells Dundee, sets the ball rolling, and tells us a little about himself and gives a fascinating insight into pathology in Malawi.

Where did you train as an undergraduate, Professor Carey?

I trained at University College Cork obtaining the MB, BCh and BAO. BSc (Pathology).

Have you worked abroad?

I have never been employed outside of the UK and Ireland. However, I do lead a Scotland – Malawi Pathology link which has involved spending 2 brief periods working in the College of Medicine and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre Malawi. Malawi has 12 million people but only one pathologist. This has involved a very different exposure to undergraduate teaching and diagnostic work. The spectrum of disease is vastly different to my usual practice in Dundee. Cancer is a relatively rarer condition when compared to the western world and the spectrum of tumours is very different (lymphoma, cervical carcinoma, sarcoma, Schistosome related bladder cancer). Cancers of lung, breast and colon are much rarer. Patients present with advanced disease. For most people (the exception being children with lymphoma) chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not available so surgery is the only hope.
We are currently working to develop some postgraduate training, possibly linked to neighbouring Zambia.

Could you chose one piece of Art ( film / book / painting / play) you love and say why?

I would choose a musical gem – the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis (1958). Widely and correctly rated as the best jazz album ever, it is a high point of 20th century music. It should be part of everyone’s life – just buy it!

What nugget of golden advice would you give to your juniors?

Always keep in mind how lucky you are to work in such an interesting job!

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