You can contact Dr H. Lord for more information on teaching, SSCs and resources in Oncology by this blog or by email at

Other Consultants in the department include:

Prof A Munro Consultant Clinical Oncologist ( Colorectal Ca)
Prof J Dewar Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Breast Ca and Sarcoma)
Prof E Rankin Consultant Medical Oncologist ( Lung and Melanoma)
Dr P Windsor Consultant Clinical Oncologist ( GU Cancer)
Dr D Adamson Consultant Clinical Oncologist ( Breast and GI Ca)
Dr P Niblock Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Head and Neck and Upper GI Ca)
Dr R Casasola Consultant Clinical Oncologist ( Head and Neck & Gynaecological Ca)
Dr M Ferguson Consultant Medical Oncologist ( Gyneacological Ca and Sarcoma)
Dr E Brown Consultant Clinical Oncologist ( Lung and Renal Ca)
Dr P Kehagioglou Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Breast and Upper GI)

All are happy to be approached on any teaching issue.


  1. Dear sirs,
    I write to seek permission to use the image below in a presentation for a meeting run by the Skeletal Care Academy this coming weekend (25th and 26th February). This is an academic meeting for healthcare professionals and the image would be used only for the presentation itself (one time use). Please see our website

    • With pleasure. Thank you for your enquiry – good luck with your presentation.

  2. I am currently doing a qualitative research study with Aberdeen university involving Dr. Marianne Nicolson and Dr Russell Petty at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.This research is looking at how patients manage their early symptoms prior to their cancer diagnosis and will form the thesis for my MSc. As a follow on to this research I am currently completing a funding bid for a quantitative research project from 3 sites in Scotland.The aim of the research is to establish quantitativley if patients visit community pharmacies with their early symptoms and to investigate if there is potential for a community pharmacy intervention to facilitate earlier detection and diagnosis.

    I am writing in the first instance, to ask if you and your colleagues would be willing to support my bid in principle and agree to the distribution of questionnaires to your lung and colorectal cancer patients. I will obviously be applying for ethics at the 3 sites through the IRAS application system and I would send any draft questionnaires for your comment should the funding bid be successful. I would like to put in the funding bid application that I had the support of the physicians at the proposed sites.

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