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Rectal Cancer and its management

The answers to this week’s quiz on Rectal Ca have been posted. Read on…

Posted by: Florence | October 19, 2011

New quiz and Image

This week’s Quiz and Image have been posted. One focuses on Communication. Most weeks at the end of their attachment 4th years comment on the sometimes difficult and emotional conversations they have heard. How can you be best prepared for this?

No matter what specialty you do in medicine, bad news has to be discussed, and thinking ahead is invaluable.

Posted by: Florence | October 12, 2011

A young inspiration

The BBC reported last night that a young boy has sadly died after a long battle against a brain tumour. He was only 11, and yet had fund-raised a large sum of money for Cancer Research.

Brain tumours are notoriously difficult to treat. Every piece of research is of value and all funds to help that research are of great importance.

As medical students and doctors we have opportunities to do research. Is this something you could be interested in? You could certainly make a difference.

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Attention all 4th years

Due to a some old timetables still circulating, for which I apologise, can I bring to your attention that the Oncology block starts at 9am in Wd 32 Education Room and not at 9:30am.


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This week’s Quiz and Image have answers now posted – click and learn.

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A new quiz and Image of the week have been posted. Test your knowledge.

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4th years are back and ready to go..

Welcome to the 4th years, and those doing Oncology attachments this academic year.

We now have lockers for your belongings, so please feel free to use these.

The Study Guide is available in the Resource section, as is the tutorial on Oncology Emergencies that you will receive during your week in Oncology. It is a good idea to have a look at this these before your attachment.

Dr Lord will be supervising your week. Use the Quiz and Image of the Week to get clued up, and get stuck in – the more you put in the more you get out…

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Some excellent videos are on You tube published by the British Neuro-Oncology Society. Experts demonstrate how to examine visual fields and for papilloedema – a very useful and difficult skill – and how to take a thorough history.

    Click on these to see them:

Headaches and Papilloedema

Headaches and papilloedema – a history taking

Visual field examination

Identifying Papilloedema

The role of the Optometrist

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4th year Oncology Study Guide

A new guide to your 4th year attachment to Oncology has been posted in Resources.

This aims to give you a summary of what you should learn during the week and what is on offer. The timetable is laid out and the learning opportunities highlighted. Clearly a week is very short, so reading before and after your attachment is highly recommended.

Your feedback and comments are most welcome – please let me know what you think and what you would like to see in the Guide.

Posted by: Florence | August 5, 2011

Answers posted

The answers and comments regarding Cancer in Pregnancy have been posted, with a very helpful reference to the International Atomic Energy Agency on radiotherapy during pregnancy.

Hopefully advice we rarely need to consult.

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