Student timetables


We currently have weekly second year clinical skills teaching; week long 4th year attachments with Professor Rankin; themed and clinical SSCs; 5th year student apprenticeships and a wide scope for Self Proposed SSCs. As a department we are very happy for more self proposed SSCs. Please feel free to contact consultants to discuss this.

We also have weekly Foundation Year teaching, Thursdays 1pm in the Education Room, Wd 32, to which all students are welcome. Students attached to the ward are involved in presenting.


The oncology study guide summarises aims of the week, how to get the most out of your time in Oncology, and gives some self assessment opportunities.

4th year 2011 Timetable – essential guide to what happens when.

SSC in CNS malignancy and its management For a month learning about CNS tumours and their care.

SSC in the Multidisciplinary Mx of lung Ca A chance to follow patients from diagnosis to treatment.

SSC in Gynaecological cancers An opportunity to spend 4 weeks better understanding these types of cancer.

Oncology Emergencies Tutorial Who’s teaching it? and when?


  1. This 2nd yr teaching – is it the assigned ward teaching for specific groups or is it something else that anyone can go to? Cheers

  2. It is specifiaclly for an allotted group of students I am afraid. Part of the year 2 history taking and clinical skills units.

  3. May I request that the above documents be updated, please? I understand that the timetables in the above files ‘4th Year Timetable Feb 2011’, ‘Medicine 2 Study Guide – Oncology’, and ‘Welcome to 4th year students’ have been updated in the file ‘4th Year Timetable Aug 2011 Oncology.doc’, which can be found on Blackboard under Teaching Materials -> Phase 3 – Year 4 -> Medicine 2 Attachment -> Cancer Medicine Block.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi -thank you for pointing this out to me.I have updated the blog and will ask the med school to change others.


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