Gastric cancer

Week 27: Gastric Cancer

1. Which country in the world has the greatest incidence and hence experience in gastric cancer?

Japan. As such they have developed screening for this malignancy and the best outcomes with surgery and chemotherapy, in the world.

2. What are the risk factors for this tumour?

This remains debated, but smoked, pickled and salted foods appear to raise the risk. H pylori infection and Blood Group A have also been suggested. Certain hereditary conditions and smoking are contributory factors.

Milk, vitamin C and fresh vegetables seem to protect against gastric cancer.

3. How would you investigate a patient with weight loss and early satiety?

Full history, routine bloods and an upper GI endoscopy looking for masses or ulceration within the gastric mucosa.

SIGN Guidelines on Gastric Cancer summarise the diagnosis and management of this disease.

The Japanese guidelines are very comprehensive and pertain to their local population.

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